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Relationship Problems

Relationship Problems Women Need to Avoid

By Clayton Max
Author of Infatuation Scripts

Relationship Problems - Part 2                                               Relationship Problems - Part 1

Relationship Problems - How to Avoid These 6 Big Mistakes to Get Him to Notice You - And Stay with You Forever

If you are going to find and keep the love of your life you must avoid mistakes that can begin relationship problems. Relationship problems can be avoided or at least resolved. The next three big mistakes, I want to discuss with you, can cause you to push a man away instead of drawing them close. 

"Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. 
Failure is another stepping-stone to greatness "  ~ Oprah Winfrey 


If  you will recall in part one of our post on relationship problems we talked about things to avoid to get him to notice you. We are all going to make mistakes, so the call isn't to be perfect, but aware and on the look out for little things that can become big problems. Here are the last three tips in how to avoid some big mistakes that will greatly increase your chances of getting him to notice you.

Key Take-Aways for Relationship Problems

  1. Changing your voice
  2. Over doing your make up
  3. Pretending to be someone else
  4. Always fashionably late
  5. Being emotionally weak
  6. Working to impress him

Strengthen your relationships by quickly identifying these three last big mistakes and how to avoid them and replace them with your personal power  and personality.

​Relationship Problems (4)
Trying to get him to notice you, by Being late.

There’s no such thing as being “fashionable late.” If you are late you are` impolite and rude, period. Always being late and not respecting other people’s time is inconsiderate and only reveals that you are selfish and you consider your time and your needs more important than others. The man you are trying to attract will take notice.

Relationship problems often began with the small seeds of in considerations such as poor time management.

If you want to be valued, you must value others and their time, because times is the most precious resource that we have. I mean less be realistic, we all get in traffic jams, forget appointments and occasionally mismanage our time, but when it becomes chronic others will take notice and it will damage relationships.

Relationship Problems

In a day of modern technology with super watches, iPhones, map quest, GPSs and Alexa to remind us that we have an appointment to prepare for, there’s really no excuse to be consistently late.

When you are late, unprepared for meetings, dinner dates, movies or other special events, the man you are trying to impress planned, paid for an took the time to be with you, is delayed, missed or ruined because of your tardiness says to him, that you do not value him as a person, much less a prospective husband. He will get tired of your personal problem and leave. He won’t take the time for someone who doesn’t honor his time.

Relationship Problems (5)
Trying to get him to notice you, by Being Emotionally Needy.

Are you insecure? If so, you may make the mistake of constantly wanting his attention and when he doesn’t give you his attention, your feelings get hurt and you try to put him on a guilt trip. This can be the beginning of relationship problems.

No one likes to be forced to love another person. If love does not come natural and freely given, pestering the guy is not going to make him love you.

So, ask yourself, is he rude and oblivious to my presence or, am I overly needy and feel insecure when I don’t have his total attention and affection?

Relationship Problems

You maybe the touchy-feely affectionate type person. And that’s ok, but you have to respect other people’s space, even the man that you love. Sometimes we just aren’t in the moody, tired, sick or just like to be alone for the moment.

If you need a lot of affection, then talk to him about your needs, but don’t make him feel guilty when he doesn’t want to hold hands in public or be close to you. Respect each other’s space.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you will get his attention, by force. Doing so will only escalate relationship problems. 

Relationship Problems (6)
Trying to get him to notice you, by working to impress him

Relax, and take the time to listen as well as share.

There is a rhythm to life as well as to relationships. You can’t force being liked or getting to know someone. It really is a journey you will want to take slow and enjoy.

Relationships take work but just relax and be a little mysterious. Don’t tell him your whole story on the first date hoping to impress him. Be patient in sharing your life experiences of growing up, in the city or on the farm, and where you earned your education.

Don't work to impress him - just be the irresistible person he can't live without - and he will work to impress you.                           

1 . Talk about your favorite hobby and many of your likes sparingly. Share a few
      interesting facts, such as your love for scuba diving while on vacation. And
      then let that soak in and allow him to share something interesting about his

2. Relationships are about give and take, not about controlling and dominating

     – even the conversations.

3. This is not a contest. You aren’t trying to “get one up on him,” but you are

     honestly sharing so he can get to know you and you’re giving him a chance to
     share his life and his stories so you can get to now him.

It makes him feel good and valued when you can appreciate his gifts, talents and accomplishments. And at the same time, as he impresses you, he just maybe falling in love with you too.

There you have it, the final three Big Mistakes you want to avoid if you want
him to notice you and possibly stay with you forever.

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Relationship Problems

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Relationship Problems

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