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Where to Meet Men

Where to meet men is a question asked by a lot of women and the answer found here.

By Chuckie Rich
​Relationship Expert

Where to Meet Men and Find the Love of Your Life

Southern writer, Flannery O'Conner has a short story entitled, "A Good Man is Hard to Find." And many lonely women, who are searching for the man of their dreams today, would say the same thing, "A good man is hard to find." This  article will help you to discover a host of places to meet men.


Where to meet men

Where to Meet Men?

Maybe it's time to get off-line and make yourself more desirable and discoverable.

Maybe you need to get off-line and spend more time making yourself available and become more aware of your surroundings. Make opportunities happen for you and put yourself in a position to succeed at meeting men.

Many are asking, "Where in this world can I go to meet a good man?" Have you ever asked that question? A lot of women do, and they struggle and spend their nights alone when they could be connecting with available single men and having the time of their life. The problem is that some women do not allow themselves to be creative, curious and confident enough to discover new places to meet men.

"Where to meet men," is a big concern for many women, but in this article you will learn the key to being "found" in humerous places.

I think the biggest problem is, we get bored, lazy and disgusted with "trying to be found and we give up." Am I right? Well let's change things around a bit. Why don't we become the "hunter" instead of the "hunted?"

Remember ladies, we have a lot to offer. All we need is an opportunity to be noticed. But if we aren't in a place where we can be noticed and seen for our worth - then it's not going to happen, we aren't going to meet "Mr Right."

Where to meet men

So, here are some places we can go to create opportunities to be noticed and that will greatly increase our possibilities of being discovered by the man of our dreams.

There is a bigger question you should be asking then, "Where to Meet Men." A bigger question is, "Do I have the right mindset to be discovered by the right man?

Here are a few tips to keep in mind and practice as you think about where to meet men:

The Right Mindset Helps You to Become Desirable and Discoverable.

1. Relax - You are beautiful, gifted and desirable.
2. Worthy - You are worthy of a fun, safe, healthy, romantic relationship.
3. Slow down - Time is not running out. You could meet him any moment.
4. Confident - You aren't desperate, but excited, having fun while looking.
5. Strong - You aren't vulnerable or weak, but walk in strength and power.
6. Plan - You aren't wondering aimless, but have a well thought out plan.
7. Spontaneous - You're ready and will meet him when the time is right.

As you go about your day look around you and begin to look at these familiar places in a new-light. They could be just the place to me Mr Right. 

Where to meet men:

1. The DMV.

You say "Yuk." Yes, I know. No one likes going to the DMV. But instead of seeing the DMV and other places we would like to avoid, try to look at these places as fun "opportunities." You can wait forever in the DMV line. So, it's a good place to strike up a conversation as people are bored and willing to talk to strangers.

2. Driving Ranges.

Go hit some balls and try to learn to play golf. Men love to teach and share their expertise. Out smart him in the game of love - but don't try to beat him in the first game you play together, LOL.

Where to meet men

Become a student of golf and you will get plenty of willing teachers - that may want to tutor you for life!

3. Grocery Stores and specialty shops are great places to find
     friends. Everybody goes there.

Ask him about certain brands and what's healthy over in the produce department. Be honest and tell him you would like to start eating healthier. He may love to share a recipe with you.

4. Meet Men, Walking Their Dog.

Dogs are man's best friend and you can meet a lot of men that want to be your friend while dog walking. Owning a dog is a lot of work, but a lot of fun also. And it's a great way to meet people - specially guys who love to talk about their dog. You will instantly have repore with him and a hundred things to talk about if you own and walk a dog of your own.

Where to meet men

Start walking  your dog, meeting men, the next thing you know you may be walking down an isle! 

5. Sporting Events are great places to meet new people.

Well, this one is pretty obvious, but not if you go to a sport that you know little about and are looking for someone to share their knowledge and enthusiasm about the game with you. Be available, curious and ask a lot of questions and be a good student. You just may find a good man also.

6. Community Causes and Special Interest Groups.

Fight Breast Cancer will have a bike-a-thon. The MS group will have a Fall Carnival. Habitat for Humanity will have a chicken stew or a fish fry. The Historical Society will meet and plan to raise money to save and remodel the old downtown theater. In all of these events and places of gathering you can get involved and do some good and do yourself some good by meeting new friends - especially available single men.

Where to meet men

7. Meet Men on Guided Tours or Visiting Historical and                 Famous Places.

There's often guided tours at celebrties homes, historical monuments and famous places where lots of men gather. And you don't even have to go to some exotic area to meet a man. Just look around your neighborhood and read the local newspapers. Have you ever seen bike tours in your area? Bike tours, walking tours, guided tours to opening a new park, new home tours, garden tours, and places of historical significance and birth places of famous people tours are great places to meet interesting men who are passionate about celebrities, history, nature, art and - available women. "Where to meet men?" The places and possibilities are endless.

Where to meet men

Visit the birth place of Elvis, the king of Rock'n Roll and you may fight your Prince Charming

8. Take a Fun Class.

Most people are a little timid starting a new class, no matter where it is, but do you recall, classes in the past, how willing most people were to introduce themselves and talk? You already have one big deal in common - the class and you have endless things to talk about concerning the content, the test and what you are going to learn in this particular class. So,
find a class that interests you and sign up. You will learn something and who knows who you will learn about and meet.

The Key, is to Be Aware and Get Involved in Life....

Put yourself in circulation to meet a mate and have fun while you participate in the process. Remember, this is a fun and exciting mission. Men are attracted to women who enjoy life and love being with other people. This is not a "Do-or-Die" mission to meet a man, but a positive attitude of getting on with your life - with a "inside mission" to be available, wherever you go, when Mr. Right comes along.

9. Visit Your Local Coffee Shop, Cafe or Snack Shop Often.

No, I don't mean go hang out for hours on a bar stool, but you can visit all types of eaters and get to know the people by name that work at these shops and make yourself at home when you visit these shops. You can be friendly with the employees, get to know their names, and friendly and chattie with the customers. Who knows who you'll meet. Getting to know employees and other customers makes you feel comfortable and when you see someone you would like to meet, you can make eye contact, say hi, share a cup of coffee, and see where things go from there. These shops are easy and fun places to connect with new people.

Where to meet men

Make friends as you enjoy your favorite cup of coffee, cold brew, espresso or frappuccino

10. Volunteer and be Noticed.

You don't have to carry a picket sign, put yourself in danger and rebel against all authority to be noticed. There are always many public causes to stand up for and to get involved in the groups that are trying to make positive, helpful changes in your community. Not only will you be fighting for a worthy cause, but you will also meet a lot of people who are passionate and willing to talk about a common cause. And one of those new friends might just be someone you wouldn't mind spending the rest of your life with. Now, just find the group you want to be a part of and a cause and a man that you can be passionate about.

11. Spend More Time with Old Friends and Enlist Their Help
       in Meeting New Available Men.

"Where to meet men?" is probably a question all of your single girl friends have asked from time to time. You might make some of those aquainticies you have, good friends by investing more time in them and asking them, "Where to meet men?" Make some of those distant friends, closer friends by enlisting them in sharing with you ideas about where to meet men. True friends help each other out, so enlist their opinions, suggestions and help in finding someone nice to meet and even possibly marry one day. The more friends that you enlist to help you to meet a nice guy, the more chances you will have in finding lasting love. Start today enlarging your circle of friends and influences.

Where to meet men

Spend more time with old friends so they can be helpful by introducing you to their friends

I hope this partial list has given you a lot of food for thought and got your creative wheels turning about where to meet men. In "Where to Meet Men," Part 2I will share several more creative, fun and exciting places to go where you can go and create an opportunity to meet men. Click here, to find more places to meet men, in Part 2 of this post.

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Where to meet men

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Chuckie Rich is an expert in teaching how to Create Success through educating yourself about health, relationship, tech new and much more.

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