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Belly Fat

Try an all-natural, scientifically proven program that delivers amazing belly fat losing results.

By Kyle Cooper
Author of The Fat Decimator

Lose Belly Fat - Part 2
Lose Belly Fat - Part 1

Is Your Plan to Lose Belly Fat Being Sabotaged by These Myths  -  Part 2

Why did former Gunnery Sergeant Kyle Cooper and Doctor Sam Pak, a specialist on internal medicine and human bio-chemistry combine ancient wisdom with modern science to produce a safe and effective weight loss method that delivers remarkable results within the first 72 hours? Because being overweight is at epidemic proportions in America...


Being overweight is at epidemic proportions in America and around the world, effecting over 90% of the population. That’s why the weight loss industry sales over 70 billion dollars-worth of diet pills, food, books, equipment and hundreds of other products to lose weight and especially targeting belly fat. And many of those hundreds-of-thousands of people are failing at losing their desired weight and belly fat.

Belly Fat

Long-established fitness and weight loss myths prevents us from losing belly fat in our culture.

Cooper and Dr. Pak have developed The Fat Decimator, a new approach to weight loss that works in harmony with your body’s natural processes. Fortunately, for us who are trying to lose weight, inside The Fat Decimator you will learn that the system dispels the fitness and weight loss myths that have taken root in western culture and continue to drive up the statistics on heart disease, cancer, joint pain, digestive issues, premature aging, low energy and a host of other health problems related to being overweight. 

Dr. Pak says, “The biggest problems facing western nations like the U.S., Canada, the UK, Australia and most of Europe, for example, is that there are long-established fitness and weight loss myths that have become prominent in these cultures.

Belly Fat

You will be surprised to know the awesome healthy benefit that salt will play in your diet

What About Salt in Your Diet?

Independent clinical research clearly illustrates how cutting salt from your diet is actually counter-productive to weight loss and can even cause long term health risks.

For instance, eliminating salt, engaging in long-term heavy cardio exercise, starvation diets, limiting carbohydrates and even certain foods thought to be healthy actually go directly against the body’s own natural metabolic processes, biological cycles and ability to eliminate unsightly fat as well as fight off disease.

Do you know which foods to “really” eat on a diet? The Fat Decimator will introduce you to foods that you would never think are harmful to your health and your diet.

Flat Belly

Sergeant Cooper and Dr. Pak’s insight into the myths, that are keeping us fat in America, will be very beneficial to us trying to lose belly fat and over all weight. One remarkable myth that they share about cardio exercise such as extreme running.

Dr. Pak says, “… that all this hard running, for example, puts your body into survival mode and it begins to consume muscle tissue for energy rather fat, as muscle contains more energy.”

Flat Belly

Too much Cardio adds scar tissue to your heart - increases chance of a heart attack.

The Fat Decimator gives you the power to boost your body’s own metabolic processes, improve your digestion, enhance your ability to fight disease all while delivering astonishing weight loss results. An average of 5 to 7 pounds per week over the course of the 30-day program is not unreasonable – and greater results have been measured.

Aren’t you tired of starving yourself, enduring grueling workouts, taking crazy pills or supplements or going in debit for expensive exercise gadgets that don’t work? Why not try an all-natural, scientifically proven program that delivers amazing results.

Belly Fat

These People Lost Weight With The Fat Decimator and You Can Too:

David W. of Clarksville, Maryland - tried the system as a last resort. He reported that after losing 5 pounds his first week, he went on to lose a total of 47 and has never felt better in his life.

Susan G. of Houston, TX - lost a total of 34 pounds in a single month. She was thrilled to say that none of her clothes would fit and that she was once again able to fit into the size 8’s she’d been saving for years.

Angela L. of Cincinnati, Ohio - reports that not only did she lose 31 pounds on her first try with Fat Decimator, she also has more energy than she’s had in years and her intimate life with her husband has never been better.

Janet O. of Lincoln, Nebraska - lost 8 pounds in the first week. By the end of the third week, she’d dropped 25 pounds and 3 dress sizes.

Steven K. of Seattle, WA - stayed on the Fat Decimator program for over two months and lost a whopping 68 pounds. He reversed his type 2 diabetes, dramatically reduced his joint pain and enjoys more energy, flexibility and happiness than he’s known since his 20’s.

To learn more about this remarkable program, click this link or click on the video below and watch Sergeant Cooper's free Fat Decimator presentation and learn the true secrets about weight loss and how you can finally achieve the results that you have already been working so hard to enjoy.

Belly Fat

About the Author Kyle Cooper

Former Marine Sergent Kyle Cooper has given much of his life to the military in service to our country. Today Kyle works with people from all over the world who attend his weight-loss boot camp. He teaches a whole new approach, that is incredibly effective, in how to lose unwanted and dangerous fat in a matter of weeks.