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Where to meet men

Where to meet men is easily answered in safe groups among old friends that can introduce you to new friends

By Chuckie Rich
​Relationship Expert

Where to Meet Men and Find the Love of Your Life - Part 2

"Where Have All the Flowers Gone" is a modern folk-style song written by Pete Seeger in 1955. It was a sad song about young men leaving for war and not returning. As some women sit alone wishing for a faithful friend or lover they too may be singing a similar song that asks, "Where have all the men gone?" In Part 1 of the post, "Where to meet men?" I answered that question. So Cheer Up! Here are 9 more great places to discover men and where they can  discover you.


Where to meet men

"I bet there is an available single man out there somewhere that would like to meet me!

You have to be present and living in the moment and aware of the people around you, who may also be very aware of your presence. And when that happens you ask a question, make a comment and find some excuse to introduce yourself or put yourself in a position to be asked a question.

Having fun and at the event, the exhibit, the concert or really into the hobby you are enjoying at the moment stirs people's interest and curiosity about you and what  you are doing and thinking. And that often encourages them to want to get to know you and the hobby you are enjoying. Presto! a friendship is born and maybe a romance.

Where to meet men? That's the question we are answering and here are some more great places to find friends and hopefully the man of your dreams.

Where to Meet Men:

12. Venture Out With Different Modes of Transportation.

Do you live close enough to your work place to walk to work or ride a bike? You could meet someone on the way. Better still could take a weekend vacation and take a bus, a train or a plane. You can meet a lot of people when traveling. And taking different and unfamiliar modes of transportation can open up a lot of opportunities to meet new people who love to travel and may also be looking to find the love of their lives.

Where to meet men

13. Alumni Events Can Rekindle Romances.

Do you remember the kids who set behind you in grade school of picked on you in middle school or was always flirting with you in High School, but never asked you out for a date? Well, they surely have grown up by now and just might be worth checking out at your next school reunion. We always hear horror stories about class reunions, but try looking at them differently. You never know who you will meet or be introduced to be one of the guys that pulled your hair in grade school.

14. Take a Bus Tour to Fun Places.

Visit the Grand Cannon, Niagara Falls, Yellow Stone National Park or the giant sequoias and California redwoods at the Redwood National Park in Crescent City, California and hundreds of other bus tours that visit some of the most unique places in America. You will meet and get to know great people on the bus as well as people from all over the country as you visit beautiful mountains, great lakes, busy cities and out-of-the-way places that will answer your question, "Where to meet men?"

Where to meet men

Get your ticket and don't be late, because there's many places to go and many people to meet

15. Any Place to do with Books.

Maybe you are the quiet, reserved easy going type and wouldn't be caught "shooting the rapids," down Snake River, and that's ok. There are plenty of other low-key places to meet men. Every year hundreds of local libraries across the country have "friends of the Library," book sales to raise money for new books. Libraries and books stores have author's book signings and author's readings. This week in my home-town they are having a book festival called "Book Marks," that pull in a few thousand people to eat and meet and greet various authors. There will be opportunities to attend readings, lectures, workshops and a time to meet publishers and to enjoy book signings and various other book related exhibits. Why not make yourself available to meet some nice guy who enjoys the quiet reflective lifestyle like yourself.

16. Are you the Intellectual Type?

Enjoy a wine tasting event at a local vineyard. Take in an art exhibit,  a lecture, a French gourmet cooking class and various other exhibits, lectures, classes and seminars that require some thought, reflection and intellect. You'll be making a smart move to put yourself in a position to be discovered at a fun and challenging exhibit or event.

17. Camping.

You could be on staff as a camp counselor or you can rent a tent or purchase a small pop-up camper to start camping in. I did a lot of camping one summer and found that some of the nicest people I've ever met were campers. A lot of families camp, but so do singles, and a lot of families have single available men who would enjoy meeting a nice girl, just like you.

Where to meet men

Build a fire to roast marshmallows and a romantic fire to warm your hearts while camping

18. Resorts.

Whether you are interested in skiing in the mountains or surfing at the beach or riding the world's largest roll-a-coaster, you'll find plenty opportunities at resorts to meet men. Yes, plenty of families visit resorts, but so do single men, doing as you are doing, making themselves available to get discovered.

19. Farmer's Markets.

Hold on now, I'm not talking about milking cows, I'm talking about large Farmer's Markets where they sell various fruits and vegetables, crafts, flowers, plants and some times a variety of antiques and many hand-made and country related items for sale. It's a nice place to visit and get noticed by men.

Where to meet men

You can't beat a Saturday afternoon looking over fresh fruit, vegetables and attractive men!

20. Communal Dining and Restaurants that Entertain.

Around the dinner table is a great place to meet new people and it creates an atmosphere that encourages one another to talk. Try one of those restaurants that have large tables where a couple of families or groups are invited to eat together. You can't be a stranger very long with fun, laughter and good food on the table. The dinner creates an easy way to start a low risk conversation, such as, "Do you eat here often," "Do you cook and if so, what is your favorite dish." Enjoy the food and entertainment by visiting one of those oriental restaurants where they cook the food at your table and the chef joggles the knives, lites the food on fire and tosses a bowl in his hat.

21. Vist Your Favorite Place of Worship.

Regardless of your religious back ground or faith, there is a place of worship for you. Some places of worship are loud and filled with enthusiasm and others are quiet and reflective. Why not be open to a "Higher Power," that just might direct you to the right place of worship as well as to the right man to spend an afternoon with or maybe "until death do you part."

Where to meet men

If you hope to be married in a church one day, why not visit there often?

Remember as you look for the man of your dreams, that special someone is always watching you, so be on alert, you will be discovered...

If you are reading this blog post then you are aware of the Internet and the awesome power it has with all of it's dating websites, blogs, chat-rooms and social media sites such as Face Book where you can meet men. But I hope you can see by reading Part 2 of this post and checking out Part 1 of "Where to Meet Men," that there are countless, exciting and romantic places to go to make new friends and to find the man who is also looking for you.

Don't get bored, discouraged or quit trying to find love. Sometimes you can meet the man of your dreams when you feel like giving-up and when  you are not even aware of who is watching and admiring you.


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Where to meet men

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