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Amazon Alexa

There are over 40 Million Alexa Devices in homes today.

By Chuckie Rich|
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Amazon Alexa and What YOU need to Know

Amazon Alexa is an AI (artificial intelligence) assistant and at the time of writing this article, there are over 40,000 Alexa Skills in the Amazon marketplace and more are growing everyday. These skills make life more convenient and hands free. Voice Technology seems to be taking over the a good way!


What can Alexa do?

  1. Setting a Timer and Alarm Clocks
  2. Checking your schedule
  3. Searching for recipes while cooking
  4. Turning on Lights & Locking Doors
  5. Play Games for adults and kids
  6. Keeping Informed about weather, news and much more

If you're not sure who Amazon Alexa is or what all the excitement is about, take a moment to watch this video.


Amazon Alexa is Accessed through Echo Devices

Echo devices are a brand of smart speakers developed by Amazon and the devices connect to Amazon's voice assistant Alexa. Alexa gets smarter and smarter each day with the growth of Alexa skills. offers several different types of Echo devices. You can get an echo dot, a regular echo, an echo plus, an echo spot with a tiny 2.5" screen, a tap, or an echo show that has a 7" screen. There are also other ways to access Alexa with other devices and I'm sure Amazon has other devices in the development stage.

The uses and the things you can do with these echo devices seem unlimited.

Amazon Alexa Echo Devices

40 to 50 Million Alexa Devices being used in Homes Today

Mark Mahaney, the #1 ranked Internet Analyst by Institutional Investor says these echo devices are selling like hotcakes.  They sell well, price points are coming down and the uses for these devices are unlimited.

Many homes have at least one of these devices, but many homes have an Alexa device in every room.

Anyone can Create or Build an Alexa Skill

Building Alexa Skills used to be something only developers could do until...a new platform called VoiceApps came on the scene. VoiceApps makes it easy for anyone to create Amazon Alexa Skills without writing code. Their platform loaded with skill templates,  makes it point and click, drag and drop easy to build a new skill. A new user can have his first skill created in under 20 minutes.

The Voice or artificial intelligence revolution has created a new  economy and now is the time for entrepreneurs to learn how they can benefit and get a piece of this new billion dollar economy! The fastest way for entrepreneurs to  get a piece of this pie is to start building Alexa skills.

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