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bonding relationship

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By Clayton Max
Author of Infatuation Scripts

6 Habits for a Bonding Relationship with a Man

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” ― Coco Chanel

Here are six ways to create a closer, loving bonding relationship with your man or the one you are trying to attract.


A lot of men are like the old western cowboy. They don’t say much and if they do, it doesn’t come out right. Let’s face it, women are better at articulating their feelings and telling their partner what they want.

Learning these 6 things will help you create a bonding relationship and you’ll keep your man or attract the man you want.

Key Take-Away

  1. Stop Playing Hard to Get and Be Bold and Confident.
  2. Make Memories that Create Lasting Loving Feelings
  3. Laugh with Him, Not at Him
  4. Becoming More Attractive with others
  5. Nothing Bonds Like Sex Appeal
  6. Understand and Be Understood

Most women understand that men have needs and more than anything, you want him to express those needs. When he doesn’t…it can create problems. If you can satisfy his needs, you might also be able to help him learn to express those needs, and if so, you both win.

Here are six ways that you can create a loving and lasting bond with your man and make it easier for him to share with you about his needs in the future. Work on these bonding relationship skills and you will make him want to develop a closer, loving relationship with you that will last.

#1: Stop Playing Hard to Get and Be Bold and Confident.

Playing hard to get is an old game that can backfire and be a turn off instead of a plan to attractive and create desire.
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Often, playing hard to get is a waste of time and appears childish. Men usually like to move rather quickly in relationships, but don’t worry, you can slow them down and remain attractive – if that is what you desire.

If you are confident you can be in charge of the relationship. You can let him know that you like him but that you also want to keep some respectful distance, but not so much distance that you lose him or send a message that he interprets that you can “take him or leave him,” because he might leave.

It’s not so much a “cat and mouse game,” as it is staying out front and remaining confidently bold and beautiful.

Just be who you are. If you like him let him know by being excited when you first greet him. Tell him, “I really enjoy talking and laughing with you.”

Be bold and confident and tell him if you want to see him again or that no, you have other commitments next week, but that you hope he will ask you out again. He will respect your honesty and most likely will understand that you are busy and have other exciting things going on in your busy life besides him.

bonding relationship
Clayton Max

Clayton Max

Some Tips

If you like the guy, don’t be shy, distant and act like a non-touchable. Let him get close, but not too close. Laugh, touch, smile, share and just relate to him. Be authentic, be you, be real and watch him want to create a bonding relationship with you.

You don’t have to sit on his lap to be close. Be confidently close knowing that you can move forward or keep your distance without making him feel like you are afraid of him or mistakenly signaling that he has bad breath.

If you find the relationship is going nowhere, be honest, kind and tell him that you think both you of you need to move on. You don’t have to knee him in the groin to move away from him nor do you have to go to bed with him on the first date to let him know that you are attracted and want to get closer to him. Being genuine and honest are great bonding relationship traits.

#2: Make Memories that Create Lasting Loving Feelings

We connect strong feelings our senses: seeing, hearing, taste, and touch. We also connect strong emotions to people, places and things. The ways we receive sensory information can help us bond with those we love or are attracted to. When you create romantic experiences with your man, he’ll be drawn to you, because you’ve made yourself unforgettable. Plan to make memories around people, places and things that your man enjoys and when you do, he will think of you.

For example…when you’ve been separated for a day or a week, enthusiastically greet him. Be sure to light up your face with a smile and show him you genuinely care about seeing him, regardless of the day you had. It sends a message to him that you care and it’s a small thing that pays big dividends.

Turning to a radio station, you know he likes, says you are paying attention to him and you consider his interest. When you comment on a song you know he likes, who do you think he will think of next time he hears that song? Music is a terrific way to make a bonding relationship with people.

If you’re spiritual people, there are many ways to bond around church, worship, and holidays you both love and honor. There’s no better way to bond for spiritual minded people, than holding hands, praying and sharing your deepest hurts, concerns and blessings.

Small Things Matter...

It really is the small things and the ways you take an interest in the one you love and genuinely enjoy the company of the person you want to attract to you.

#3: Laugh with Him, Not at Him

When he tells you a funny story, that is obviously meaningful to him, laugh at the story. People bond with others who show an interest in them and enjoy being in their company. It’s another bonding relationship trait.

We all make stupid mistakes, but we don’t want our stupid mistakes to be pointed out, especially in front of family and friends by a person we are hoping to attract. To bond with the person, we love or want to love us, we need to laugh together and when the relationship is stronger you can teasingly laugh at each other’s funny mistakes, but not until you are both secure in the relationship and have bonded.

Let’s be honest, some guys, think they’re funny, but they aren’t…so what should you do? Smile or politely chuckle, they’ll get the message that it wasn’t that funny. But don’t be rude or embarrass him.

If you think his humor is inappropriate, gently talk to him about it when you both are alone. If he’s a regular comedian and you enjoy his humor, then tell him how much you enjoy his funny personality.

Appreciating your man’s humor goes a long way in stoking his ego and making him feel he can be himself around you. It never hurts to be able to laugh at ourselves as well as laughing with those we want to love us more deeply.
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To be continued...

OK...we've talked about 3 of the 6 Habits and that's enough for you do think about for now. If you want to read the other 3 Habits for a Bonding Relationship with a Man, go to Part 2

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bonding relationship

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